Insurance policies in the case of property damage are a promise made by your insurance company, therefore, they must be fulfilled at all costs and our attorneys ensure it. In this sense, we can handle the claim, documentation, mediation, negotiation, damage assessment, and go to trial if necessary.

Property Damage Can Be Costly

Our attorney will make it a priority to get you just the right number of benefits in times of loss. And we have enough experience to defend you in the case of the following damages:


Windstorms are storms that bring strong winds with small amounts of rain in short periods. Yes, they are fairly short-lived events, but they are serious enough to cause property damage.

This kind of weather event produces winds that can go up to 33 mph, therefore, it is enough to make trees fall, destroy terraces, break roofs, among others. So, you are familiar with all of the above, you must count on our property damage attorney.

Water Damage

Water is a critical resource for our existence, but it can also cause costly damage to your property. From floods, hurricanes, heavy rains, and even small rains that cause mold and toxic waste to grow in your home.

Therefore, your insurance policy must cover these kinds of problems, and if you have had an important event in your home, we make sure your policy is fulfilled as fairly as possible.

Roof Damage

This kind of damage can be caused by many causes. From low maintenance to nature events. But our property damage attorney does not care what caused your loss; we pursue that you receive fair compensation no matter what.

Pipe Bursts

Broken pipes are a common problem in houses and public places. This can happen due to the accumulation of debris, the freezing of water inside the pipes, or a very old pipe.

Equally, the result is the same; Thanks to a broken pipe, your property can be severely affected and cost you a lot of money. But thanks to our team of lawyers, you can offset all these expenses.


Floods are unexpected, but they are always preceded by heavy rains that cause rivers and lakes to overflow into urban areas. If you have had this problem before, you know it is torture; but not anymore.

Our property damage attorneys are in charge of enforcing your insurance policy so you have the benefits that correspond to you.

Fire and Earthquake Damage

Fires and earthquakes are natural, but devastating to properties, events we can rarely predict. From broken windows, cracks in the structure, homes consumed by fire, these are all the worst results of these events.

However, you can counter these damages by contacting a good insurance policy claim attorney, like us; an attentive and experienced team in this area, which will guarantee you all the benefits.

Vandalism and Theft of Property

Nobody wants their home to be broken into by thugs, but you have to accept it; it is a possibility anywhere, no matter how safe it is. So, an insurance policy against vandalism will always be a good investment.

And it can be a better investment when you have our property damage attorney that ensure we take care of the entire claim process for your policy. From the beginning of the process, we accompany you at all times and carry out the difficult steps for you.

Dell’Armi Law will always fight to win your claim and get the compensation for the damages you deserve.